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Biking Needs a Hero...

The Mission & Saga

Biking needs a hero; a symbol of hope and empowerment to inspire better biking for cyclists everywhere. The Derailleur is a multimedia platform for building a better bike future, centered around an ongoing series of fictional adventures for bikers of all ages. Accompanied by online tips, resources and innovative solutions to facilitate cycling, the Derailleur series takes an action-oriented, narrative approach to educating cyclists on the rules of the road with real-life tips and tricks woven into a compelling story. The Derailleur’s mission is to:

- Inspire others to be bike heroes in their community
- Get people of all ages excited about biking
- Advocate for bicycle education

This online companion site is intended to help bicyclists across the country to be bike heroes in their communities by sharing resources for launching their own clubs and building better bike networks.  

A masked bicycle vigilante has emerged in New York City.

When a series of cable slashings and other acts of sabotage endanger innocent cyclists and undermine street safety across the city, the mysterious rider becomes the prime suspect in a massive police manhunt. Armed with practiced skill and an unparalleled command of the bicycle, he must scour the city in search of the true culprit while struggling to avoid police capture and maintain order on the street. What he uncovers puts his methods and motivations to the ultimate test as a dark revelation strikes at the core of his mission. In the face of almost certain defeat, he must confront his past and rise from the shadows to reclaim the streets and empower change.

- Safe Cycling Practices
- Anyone can be a bike hero in their coommunity!
- The power of education and empowerment over militant advocacy  


The Characters


-The Vigilante-
He’s no hero, just a man taking matters by his own handlebars, striving to save cyclists from danger. With ciaos abound on streets across the city, this masked biker has taken to the saddle, curtailing close calls while steering clear of the spotlight and leading his own hunt for the illusive bike bandit.


- The Bike Bandit –
Known​ ​only​ ​through​ ​acts​ ​of​ ​vandalism​ ​endangering​ ​random​ ​cyclists​ ​throughout the​ ​city,​ ​this​ ​reclusive​ ​phantom​ ​remains​ ​shrouded​ ​in​ ​mystery​ ​and​ ​public supposition.​ ​​ ​With​ ​motivations​ ​unclear,​ ​this​ ​bandit​ ​continues​ ​to​ ​terrorize​ ​cyclists from​ ​the​ ​shadows,​ ​unopposed​ ​by​ ​police.


- Officer Dana Anderson –
Smart and skeptical, this police lieutenant believes in getting to the truth behind these bike attacks and is willing to go out on a limb to get it.